为何仅为您偶尔需要的基础设施买单?借助基础设施即服务(IaaS),按照您的需求扩大或缩小规模。我们提供一整套企业云服务,通过VLAN帮助您平衡负载和管理网络,从而支持现有或新开发的应用程序。 At the same time, reap the benefit of a more reliable, proven service that enterprises demand.

While companies' initial motivations to embrace cloud computing are as diverse as each business-from reining in "Shadow IT" to empowering business units and increasing agility-one common consideration is that complex businesses have complex cloud requirements that aren't easily satisfied.事实上,并非所有云都是相同的,有些云(例如CenturyLink Cloud)更适合满足企业部署的高级需求。

Enterprises Trust CenturyLink Cloud to Run Their Businesses

毫不意外,CenturyLink Cloud的架构专为服务于企业而设计。 Our flexible and robust cloud services are ideal for a range of enterprise scenarios-from running line of business applications to development and testing, and everything in between.


将您已在内部运行的业务应用和协作应用托管于云端。总拥有成本(TCO)可降低多达30%。 Have the peace of mind that comes with block storage, flexible backup options, and optional Disaster Recovery (DR).通过地域相关服务支持全球工作负荷。


Protect your data with “Defense in Depth” security. 我们的高性能安全基础设施以99.99%服务级别协议为依托。CenturyLink企业云支持最复杂以及资源密集型应用。 For customers with special compliance requirements, we can help with audits like HIPAA, ISO, PCI, and other regulations.

Dev and Test

利用敏捷、按次付费的计算资源在云端开发和测试您的应用程序。 Manage more virtual machines in less time through our powerful Control Portal, or using Runner.暂停和存档服务器,以进一步节省成本。 Easily spin up an automated Dev/Test environment or use CenturyLink Cloud's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).


通过全球分布式架构及内置自动化技术,减轻IT管理负担。实现云的规模、弹性和自助服务,无需做出任何妥协。 Allow developers to focus on building apps-not time-consuming infrastructure configuration.


在云端启用您的产品。通过蓝图加快客户部署速度。 Run your web properties on CenturyLink Cloud servers.两者均可为数据库密集型应用程序提供更高的每秒读写操作次数(IOPS)。在进行在线支付和保护用户数据方面,CenturyLink产品具备严格的安全性和合规性。

Infrastructure Management & Automation

Quickly provision, interact with, and modify enterprise IT environments anywhere and anywhere using Runner. Manage environments on the CenturyLink Cloud or other clouds like AWS, Google, and Azure, as well as on-premise infrastructure and servers in remote data centers.


We make building a customized, powerful solution easy. 由您为自己的虚拟环境选择功能。 CenturyLink Enterprise Cloud consolidates industry leading software, storage, and server and network technologies into a single, simple, flexible, and secure factory-integrated platform.我们的解决方案让企业能够从小规模开始,逐渐扩展至数千台虚拟机。此外,您还可获取支持解决方案所需的所有必要机械技术。借助我们的企业云解决方案,企业能够部署云服务,通过提高效率和利润来削减成本,同时向客户提供其关键业务应用所需的服务。

Cloud Orchestration and Management

CenturyLink Cloud offers you an Enterprise Class, customizable IT Infrastructure that gives you the ability to control the virtual and physical resources of your systems. 我们的计算功能概览:

Public Cloud and Private Cloud

The CenturyLink Cloud network depends on enterprise-grade hardware to reliably deliver safe traffic to virtual machines. Customer integration is made easy through VPN tunnels and intra-data center direct connect. CenturyLink Cloud网络功能概览如下:

  • 站点到站点VPN
  • 客户VPN
  • 数据中心内直接连接

保护您的信息并在您需要时为您提供信息。 Our storage features are affordable and secure.CenturyLink Cloud提供广泛的选择,包括:

Block or File Storage
  • 极高的灵活性
  • High performance
  • 根据需要动态调整磁盘大小
  • 原生云应用
  • 静态数据的长期存储
  • 安全的托管文件传输

利用整体解决方案最大限度地降低意外事件造成的影响并保持业务正常运营。我们提供经济高效的解决方案,让您安心无虞。CenturyLink Cloud提供包括下列元素的灾难恢复解决方案:

  • 实时测试故障转移
  • 保护组
  • 实时故障恢复
  • 自定义检查点间隔时间
  • 运行手册自动化
Integrated Backup

CenturyLink has an optional integrated backup product, the Simple Backup Service. Our solution offers file-based backup that include the following elements:

  • Fully self-service
  • 经济高效
  • Customized retention policies
  • Global reach



数据中心由业内领先的物理和环境保护标准提供保障。数据中心全年24小时配备人员值守并使用摄像机进行监控。云环境安置于专有的笼式外箱内。CenturyLink Cloud为其构建了强大的电子防火墙,可通过基于角色的访问、实时监测和NOC支持保护您的云环境。 Learn more about protecting your Enterprise Systems and Data with CenturyLink Cloud Security.


显著降低基础设施硬件、管理和支持方面的高成本。协调IT与业务。按次付费,提供具有效率和生产力且可预测的基础设施服务。管理您的成本。仅为需要的资源付费。 Take advantage of Managed services with no minimum cost. Choose the Support Tier that fits your Enterprise needs. Estimate your bill with our Online Price Estimator. Find out more about CenturyLink Cloud Pricing.


如有需要,您可随时使用灵活的环境资源。快速实施。快速扩展项目,并在不再需要时将其关闭。定制适合您的环境。加强对移动、社交网站和数据智能的支持。为您的应用程序工程师提供创建环境所需的所有自动化工具,只需点击几下鼠标即可实现。 Spin up and tear down Dev/Test environments fast. Find out more about our Cloud Automation with Runner.


Extend your competitive edge across the entire value chain through our CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider program. Pool API, Blueprints, and add-ons with resources partners in different industries. 无论您是独立顾问、代理或经销商,CenturyLink Cloud都能提供最佳的合作伙伴营销方案。 Find out more about our CenturyLink Partnership program. View our Ecosystem Partner List.

Enterprise IT Automation

Automation takes on a whole new shape with Runner, which easily automates and orchestrates complex enterprise IT solutions across multiple environments anywhere. That's right – anywhere. Runner works on CenturyLink Cloud as well as other cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and others; in addition to on-premise infrastructure and external data centers. Runner leverages the power and functionality of Ansible, exposing it to integrate cloud and on-premise connectivity.

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