Independent Third-Party Research and Industry Analysis on CenturyLink Cloud by Gartner, 451 Research and Others.

451 Research

CenturyLink Maintains Commitment to Cloud

Authored by 451 Research analyst Al Sadowski, this report drills down into CenturyLink’s cloud strategy and the devops culture that supports it.

"One telco that has not waivered on its commitment to cloud is CenturyLink... investing in cloud-based products that are available in a self-service and managed fashion. For telcos like CenturyLink, success is not just about technology, it is about evolving legacy business processes, updating support systems previously built for network circuit inventories and reorganizing sales organizations to engage clients in discussions beyond bandwidth requirements."

CenturyLink Stretches Further toward the Cloud with ElasticBox Buy

From 451 Research analysts Al Sadowski, Donnie Berkholz and Scott Denne, this report analyzes the CenturyLink acquisition of ElasticBox.

"Enterprises find operating hybrid clouds increasingly difficult – [Cloud Application Manager's] offerings ease heterogeneous infrastructure and application provisioning, so they should fit nicely in CenturyLink's self-service portal later this year."

451 Research focuses on the business of enterprise IT innovation within emerging technology segments and provides insight to end-users, service providers, vendors, and investors worldwide.

Cloud Spectator

CenturyLink Cloud Outperforms in EU

Cloud Spectator conducted a study comparing nine major IaaS vendors in the EU — including Amazon AWS, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, and IBM SoftLayer — where CenturyLink Cloud outperformed all others.

"CenturyLink achieves the highest CloudSpecs Score in the 9 cloud IaaS providers ranking. This is largely due to high vCPU & memory performance and its inexpensive customizable pricing."

Cloud Spectator is a cloud benchmarking and consulting agency focused on cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) performance. They conducted a study comparing nine major IaaS vendors in the EU — including Amazon AWS, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, and IBM SoftLayer — where CenturyLink Cloud outperformed all others.


How CenturyLink is Using its Own Cloud Platform to Showcase Capabilities

Ovum's analysis concludes that CenturyLink's decision to reference itself shows how cloud providers can demonstrate the viability of their offerings by actually being their own "customer." This maturity model helps communicate CenturyLink's vision for a continued journey to the cloud to both internal stakeholders and customers. This approach has broken down barriers between operations and development, enabling every IT stakeholder to be engaged in real-time dialogue and meet targets of increased operational agility.

Ovum is an independent, UK-based firm that advises on the commercial impact of technology and market changes in telecoms, software and IT services. Ovum's case study of CenturyLink observes that the organization's migration to its own public cloud meets two primary objectives. First, it's part of a larger strategic IT initiative focused on business agility. Second, CenturyLink wants to act as a reference customer for its own CenturyLink Cloud.

Frost and Sullivan


Stratecast research shows that cloud adoption soared in 2014, with more than 50% of US-based businesses now using public cloud. To be sure, many users continue to be attracted by the same tactical benefits as in the past: low-cost access to scalable, on-demand infrastructure resources. 然而,研究显示,选择云为战略性业务目标提供更广泛支持的领先IT公司的比例越来越高。这种新的IT方法专注于业务结果(例如,灵活性和市场应变能力),各企业根据工作量选择最恰当的部署方案和分发模式。为支持这种新型的混合IT环境,未来云服务需要提供高度的功能性、灵活性、互通性、可视性和可控性。

Frost & Sullivan Honors CenturyLink with "Company of the Year Award"

Frost & Sullivan honored CenturyLink with the 2015 "Company of the Year Award - The Cloud Industry, North America." The award, based on Frost & Sullivan's extensive research and a survey of IT decision-makers, recognizes CenturyLink's hybrid IT portfolio for meeting the needs of the next generation of technical and line-of-business cloud users for highly automated, efficient, reliable and flexible IT services.

Frost & Sullivan also awarded CenturyLink with the Asia Pacific Hybrid IT Strategy Award in 2015.


CenturyLink Named “Visionary” in the Gartner MQ for Cloud IaaS, 2015

深入了解云基础设施发展方向,查看对供应商的详细分析及Gartner对市场和行业主要趋势的评论。在最新的云基础设施即服务(IaaS)魔力象限中,Gartner将CenturyLink Cloud服务定位为“远见企业”。在其分析师简报中,Gartner将云基础设施即服务定义为“一项标准化且高度自动化的服务,其中的计算资源以及存储和联网能力由一家服务提供商所有,并根据需要提供给客户。”

CenturyLink Named "Leader" in the Gartner MQ for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting, APAC, 2015

Gartner also named CenturyLink a "Leader" in the Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting, Asia Pacific, 2015. Being named a "Leader" in Gartner's Magic Quadrant has become the standard to which IT vendors aspire. Gartner describes the leader's quadrant in the Magic Quadrant report as those companies that "... have staying power in this market, can frequently innovate on their existing products and can be relied on for enterprise-class needs. They have proved their technical competence and ability to deliver services to a wide range of customers."

CenturyLink Named a "Niche" Player in the Gartner MQ for Cloud IaaS, 2016

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Worldwide, delivers an in-depth analysis of cloud (IaaS) use cases and specific vendor offerings. It features insights into bimodal sourcing criteria and evaluation patterns to help you decide where and how to deploy your applications and workloads to cloud IaaS.

CenturyLink’s platform strategy is rooted in the belief that our broader range of automated services across management, infrastructure, and network frees up a greater level of customer resources than would be achieved by purely focusing at the cloud computing layer. We feel this is a differentiated and unique approach compared to other service providers in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and one we look forward to discussing with our customers seeking a digital transformation of their own.

CenturyLink Remains a "Niche" Player in the Gartner MQ for Cloud IaaS, 2017

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) analyzes cloud IaaS providers and offerings for both public and private cloud. The goal is to offer insight into the cloud IaaS resources, the automated management of those resources, the management tools delivered as services, and the cloud software infrastructure services. When customers look for cloud IaaS, they generally fall into one of two IT sourcing patterns: Mode 1 and Mode 2. Mode 1 customers are looking for more traditional IT and place an emphasis on cost reduction, safety, and security. Mode 2 customers look to cloud IaaS for their agile IT structure, and emphasize developer productivity and business agility. While most cloud IaaS has traditionally been bought for Mode 2, there has been an increase in Mode 1.

CenturyLink's platform strategy is rooted in the ability to deliver the breadth of our capabilities in an API-accessible and composable fashion. Our managed services platform successfully blends the self-service and managed service models across a hybrid solution portfolio. In our Niche Player role for 2017, Gartner has recognized us for moving closer to "visionary" status. We are also seen as a provider that can meet the needs of both Mode 1 and Mode 2 buyers with our wide range of service models that can provide stability and agility for global enterprises, with a complete portfolio of "agile infrastructure" products and managed services. We continue to focus on digital transformation where security, geography, and connectivity matter: in the form of composable, documented, consistent service modules.


Cloud Harmony

Cloud Harmony CenturyLink超大型服务器测试报告

独立测试结果表明,CenturyLink Cloud的超大型云计算实例在关键绩效指标和总拥有成本方面遥遥领先。随着我们最新的超大型服务器实例的推出,我们开始接洽独立分析公司CloudHarmony,请求其开展一项长期的性能测试,将CenturyLink Cloud超大型服务器与AWS和Rackspace提供的同类最佳的类似服务器进行对比。CloudHarmony是一家备受尊重的工作室,其依照数十种基准指标来收集数据,并公开分享其收集到的结果,以便人们对其进行详细分析。  在一段较长的时间内(以确保测试在较长的窗口期内具有准确性)运行了多种基准指标后,他们向全世界分享了其研究结果。

Dimensional Research


随着云技术热潮与日俱增,有关云的首要顾虑之一就是安全性。因不了解情况而愈演愈烈的安全性顾虑对所有云解决方案选项都造成了影响:公共云、私有云和混合云。尽管有关云计算的炒作仍然很多,但很多公司已经跨越了沙箱项目阶段,并开始对直接影响其运营和利润的关键任务应用采用云运营模式。云采用已发展到一个新的阶段,各公司正在为其顶级应用和关键客户数据采用公共云服务。这份5页的研究报告由独立研究公司Dimensional Research开展,分享了真实客户的经验并剖析了CenturyLink Cloud的安全策略。

Dimensional Research采访了已部署企业级公共云解决方案的两家组织,并获得了有关安全措施的有效性以及通过迁移至云而创造的实际价值的深入反馈。此报告中所涉及的公司为CenturyLink Cloud(原Tier 3)的客户。