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Application hosting is a primary driver of digital transformation. By deploying applications in the cloud, you avoid the high costs of investing and maintaining infrastructure, and lower the risk that comes with the uncertainty of customer demand. Take advantage of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and consume resources on an as-needed basis, scaling automatically to meet demand spikes or lulls with CenturyLink’s Hybrid IT Delivery Platform.

Whether you’re an enterprise looking to move existing on-premises applications to the cloud, or an application developer evaluating a cloud platform on which to deploy a new application or SaaS offering, CenturyLink has a solution that's reliable, secure and cost effective. By relying on an award-winning cloud provider, you'll free up critical IT resources to focus on your core competencies. Our cloud offerings include CenturyLink Public Cloud, CenturyLink Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation and Dedicated Cloud Compute. And with Cloud Application Manager, you can take a multi-cloud approach integrating management and optimization of third-party clouds such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud.



在云端快速轻松地实现软件即服务产品或托管应用的多租户模式,而无需从零开始重写您当前的产品线。 Our high-performance public cloud servers deploy in an instant, and offer scalability, flexibility and high-availability.


Your products and mission-critical applications are backed by our highly-available, SSAE 16-audited Public Cloud with built-in disaster recovery capabilities and “defense in depth” security. 您不必再为如何保持基础设施始终在线而忧心,现在您可以将精力集中在为客户创造业务价值上。


以最低投资扩展您的产品线,无需任何资本支出,按用量付费。这是真正效用计算的优势所在 - 让小型企业能够与大型公司一较高下,并为大型企业的IT部门带来灵活性。

Onboard Customers Faster with Automation

CenturyLink offers three powerful automation and orchestration tools to facilitate application deployment: Cloud Application Manager, Runner and Blueprints. Save your common deployment configurations and spin up new customer environments in minutes.


Our global footprint of world-class data centers delivers the flexibility your customers need, as well as the cloud platform compliance and security they demand. We can help you meet compliance with industry regulations like PCI, HIPAA and CSA.


Our suite of back-office reports and support for sub-accounts and hierarchies makes it simple to understand the cloud usage for each of your customers, so you can bill them accordingly for the hosted applications they use. It is equally useful for identifying and segmenting application usage by internal groups, such as Marketing, Sales and Accounting.


Our Hybrid IT Delivery Platform delivers dependable and scalable computing resources — whichever cloud service you select. And we're alos committed to providing superior customer-driven support on your terms, so we can help you seamlessly implement cloud solutions at any stage of your cloud adoption journey.


我们的认证合作伙伴提供各种业内领先的软件和技术,您可将其部署于您的云服务器中。 Deploy technology via Blueprints, Templates and Packages, through APIs, or via our Marketplace, and rest assured that they will always be implemented to their ideal settings, eliminating problems related to misconfiguration and mismanagement.


Host your applications on a robust Hybrid IT Delivery Platform that offers public cloud servers, private cloud instances or Bare Metal cloud servers, or take a Hybrid approach. 选择采用我们功能强大的统一控制门户的自管式云。如果您需要更多云管理服务,我们的专家可为您维护和管理云环境,实现性能最大化,值得您信赖。





网络应用托管是一个广泛的主题,需要考虑诸多因素。但是,CenturyLink一些最出类拔萃的主题专家能帮您处理这些问题。 You may be interested in reading our multi-part blog series describing how to SaaS Your App.这是另一篇介绍IT如何发生转变以及可扩展性对于构建开发/测试和网络应用的重要意义的文章。


Manage Applications Across Any Cloud or Infrastructure

Cloud Application Manager facilitates digital transformation by orchestrating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across multiple clouds, all from a single powerful interface. This solution integrates Application Lifecycle Management with Managed Services and Cloud Optimization for a comprehensive multi-cloud management service.

  • Manage applications from start to finish, schedule deployments, scale, update, terminate workloads, and automate migration to any cloud that best suits your business needs.
  • Standardize deployment of applications to enable rapid innovation and reduce the potential for errors.
  • Leverage CenturyLink's certified experts to streamline application tasks in any environment — regardless where it’s physically located.
  • Create or access existing AWS and Azure accounts from Cloud Application Manager for maximum efficiency of multi-cloud solutions.
  • Deploy enterprise mission-critical applications across any physical or cloud infrastructure — private, public or hosted.
  • Take advantage of interactive visualization tools to automate both traditional and cloud-native application provisioning, including configuration, deployment, scaling, updating and migration of applications in real-time.

Advanced Managed Services

Hands-On Technical Support for Advanced Deployments

CenturyLink Advanced Managed Services (AMS) offers deep technical support of CenturyLink services, including Cloud Application Manager, through a team of highly experienced and credentialed professionals. The Technical Service Engineer primarily provides hands-on support around advanced deployment and change tasks in IT environments managed by CenturyLink.

Our specialists maintain a range of relevant IT industry certifications, and are constantly collaborating and consulting within the organization to deliver a broad spectrum of capabilities. Our evolving partnerships with market leaders in hardware, software, security, storage and networking technologies allow us to provide you with the benefit of deep technical insights.

For the most successful experience, we recommend a consultation with a CenturyLink Solutions Architect and/or Account Manager to assist in determining the best match of resource allocation and subscription level.

Learn more about Application Hosting with AMS

Advanced Managed Services offers deep technical support of CenturyLink services through a team of highly experienced and credentialed professionals.


CenturyLink Cloud上的管理式与非管理式应用托管对比

Digital transformation depends on the ability to move quickly, to apply the right tool for the task, and to pivot as necessary to respond to new challenges. Are you seeking "Do it Yourself" (DIY) tools to facilitate rapid application deployment? Or would you be better served by a "Do It For Me" (DIFM) managed solution that takes the heavy lifting off your plate? 我们知道,每位客户都有独特的需求和要求。借助下方对比,找出最能满足您业务需求的解决方案。

Managed Cloud — DIFM

如果您向客户提供软件即服务(SaaS),或将其他生产应用托管于我们的云中,您就不需要把时间浪费在管理任务上了。让我们为您分担日常的运营管理工作,以便您将精力集中在改进应用上。 With our on-demand Managed Services, you have access to experts who will maintain and administer your cloud deployments for you. Or you may opt to deploy Managed Services Anywhere from within Cloud Application Manager, which also includes Application Lifecycle Management. Either option frees your team to focus on creating and improving your applications, instead of managing the infrastructure they’re built on.


Self-Service Cloud — DIY

Our cloud solutions were purpose-built to set a new standard for self-service functionality, offering the widest possible — and ever-growing — range of on-demand services. 首先是我们高度直观的统一云控制门户,我们让客户能够随心所欲地轻松部署云服务器和裸金属专用服务器。 Cloud Application Manager along with Runner, Blueprints, Templates, Packages and powerful APIs, offer broad automation capabilities.功能服务器以及实现服务器操作自动化的能力可带来先进的编排和控制。 CenturyLink's intelligent Account Management tools allow you to control access, delegate responsibilities and meet compliance and regulation requirements. And Cloud Application Manager offers robust monitoring and optimization capabilities to help you manage your multi-cloud spend.

For many hosted apps, you just need quick and easy access to a cost-effective, high-performance cloud environment — whether it's a public, private or hybrid solution.

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