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Our cloud services — enterprise-class infrastructure, our Runner infrastructure automation tool, and cloud management capabilities — are designed to abstract the complexity of enterprise development away, so it’s easier for you to accelerate digital transformation and innovation for your apps.




Managing infrastructure can be a time-consuming activity. 我们设计了强大、简易的管理工具,以简化云管理。所以您可以用更少的时间管理更多的虚拟机。


变革在所难免,而且变革会对您的IT解决方案产生什么影响是难以预期的。 But “future proofing” your app as all things digital transform over time is one of the many advantages of our cloud platform that particularly resonates with developers.


Every CenturyLink Cloud environment includes a standard subscription to a powerful monitoring tool that pinpoints where app performance lags. Use it to quickly find and solve performance issues in your system.


With Direct Connect, developers have a dedicated network connection to our data centers that bypasses the public Internet. This makes the development of mission-critical enterprise applications that much easier.


您的数据受到我们“深度防御”安全模式的保护,因此您无需整合任何复杂的附加软件。 We secure physical equipment, cloud resources and customer data.而我们全面的权限控制系统能够确保只有得到授权的用户方可访问和修改系统。


我们为您管理基础设施并保证满足服务级别协议(SLA)。 云服务器可随意轻松扩展或缩小规模,带来物理基础设施所无法匹敌的灵活性。因此,您可以专注于改善应用,而无需分心进行云管理。

Manage Infrastructure Anywhere

Runner lets you manage and automate workflows and infrastructure, wherever it is. Between public cloud platforms, private clouds, colocation data centers and on-premises devices, organizations are deploying hybrid IT solutions that require extensive oversight. That's where Runner comes in.











通过组织和分配子账户管理权限,使项目或应用程序独立运行。 Organize and control individual user access to provisioned resources.这意味着您可以轻松从开发/测试阶段进入全面生产阶段,而这一切在同一个云环境中就能实现。

Runner manages workflows and infrastructure on any cloud

Multi-Cloud Automation & Orchestration

Streamline every phase of Dev and Test with Runner, a hybrid IT management tool for quickly and easily automating infrastructure, wherever it is. Control devices in data centers or on-premises, or scale infrastructure in any cloud environment.

Advanced Managed Services

Experienced Professionals to Develop, Test and Optimize IT Environments

CenturyLink Advanced Managed Services (AMS) offers deep technical support of CenturyLink services, including Cloud Application Manager. Through our team of highly experienced and credentialed professionals, AMS offers flexibility and control with the ability to develop, test, and optimize IT environments without overextending your budget.

Our specialists maintain a range of relevant IT industry certifications, and are constantly collaborating and consulting within the organization to deliver a broad spectrum of capabilities. Our evolving partnerships with market leaders in hardware, software, security, storage and networking technologies allow us to provide you with the benefit of deep technical insights.

For the most successful experience, we recommend a consultation with a CenturyLink Solutions Architect and/or Account Manager to assist in determining the best match of resource allocation and subscription level.

Learn more about Advanced Managed Services

Advanced Managed Services offers deep technical support of CenturyLink services through a team of highly experienced and credentialed professionals.

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