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"The Low Down on High Availability in the Cloud"

Being focused on high availability means not only focusing on unplanned downtime. It is also about a passionate resolution to eliminate planned downtime. Because every minute of downtime is lost business - lost revenue, lost customers, lost opportunities.

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Analysts Estimate Unplanned Application Downtime Costs Organizations as Much as 2美元.5 Billion Per Year

How much can you afford to lose?

There is no magic recipe for achieving high availability, whether it's in the Cloud or a Hybrid IT solution or on all physical infrastructure. No secret short cut or simple formula. But with some thought and planning, and by partnering with the right cloud services provider, it's easier than you might think. This paper takes a look at the considerations and best practices for designing highly-available IT solutions, as well as the technologies on the CenturyLink Cloud Platform to help you implement them.

Topics include:

  • Understand the Differences: Load Balancing, DR and HA
  • Architecting for high availability
  • Assessing risk mitigation
  • Hyperscale anti-affinity policies
  • Leveraging multiple data centers
  • Horizontal and Vertical Autoscaling
  • Designing storage for high availability
  • Managed DNS and Geo-Load Balancing
  • HA considerations for Hybrid IT solutions
  • Calculating availability for distributed systems
  • Putting it all together on CenturyLink Cloud

为何选择CenturyLink Cloud平台?

A single proven platform that moves with your business.我们的平台即服务AppFog能够让开发人员专注于编写优秀的云端应用程序,而不必担心底层基础设施的管理。结果:提高敏捷性和生产力,提高资源效用,降低运营开销。

我们怎么说不算数,看看外界对我们的认可。我们被知名业内分析机构Gartner Research评为业界领先的基础设施即服务平台,并被Frost & Sullivan评为2015年度最佳云公司,因此,您可以依赖CenturyLink Cloud平台满足您的所有业务需求。事实上,我们也使用该平台运营自己的业务。


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