CenturyLink Cloud Agreement



Please note: This Agreement is not currently available for use in Latin America.

This Agreement for CenturyLink Cloud Services ("Agreement") with CenturyLink Communications, LLC and its affiliates ("CenturyLink") contains the terms and conditions that govern your access to and use of the Services (as defined below). Services may be provided by a local affiliate if you elect to purchase Services from outside of the U.S. and all such affiliates are collectively referred to as "CenturyLink". 生效日期是您点击“我接受”按钮或勾选本协议条款下提供的复选框的日期/时间,或者当您使用任何服务时(如果此时间更早)。在本协议中,“您”、“您的”或“客户”均指本网站“联系信息”部分中确定的实体。考虑到本协议中包含相互承诺,CenturyLink及客户在此达成以下协议: