CenturyLink Marketplace for third-party software vendors


Bring your technology to the CenturyLink Marketplace and make it available to some of the largest enterprise clients and leading edge development teams in every conceivable industry, accessed from data centers around the world.

Offer Your Technology Via:

Offer your cloud software via SaaS


The Software-as-a-Service model has flourished due to the many benefits it offers. We make it easy to offer your SaaS to the CenturyLink Marketplace.

Offer your cloud software via API


Our REST based API service is an extensible integration layer that can be used to direct and control workloads on the CenturyLink Cloud platform.

Deliver your cloud services with Runner Ansible Playbooks


Publish your software as a Runner Ansible job that can be repeatedly deployed as a business-ready solution to any of our customers on CenturyLink Cloud.

Join our Cloud Partner Ecosystem


If your web service can be built as an add-on to popular PaaS environments, then you should join the CenturyLink Cloud Ecosystem as a Provider Partner.

Benefits of Our Marketplace Program

Grow Your Market

Expand your addressable market by integrating your technology into the CenturyLink Marketplace across a range of targeted verticals, such as Ecommerce, Finance, and Healthcare.

Increased Exposure

Bring awareness of your service to the global CenturyLink Cloud sales force and professional Cloud Solution Architects consulting team.

Strategic Access

Direct engagement with the Management Teams at our CenturyLink Cloud Development Centers, located in Bellevue, WA and St. Louis, MO.

Promotion & Visibility

Placement on CenturyLink Cloud as a certified technology Provider in our Marketplace.


Infrastructure resources on CenturyLink Cloud provided for proofs of concept, integration, and demonstration

Join the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace


详细了解将您的产品或服务与CenturyLink Cloud进行集成的流程和期望目标。

Deliver cloud services via API


CenturyLink Cloud API是一个广泛的集成层,可供合作伙伴用于引导和控制我们平台上的工作负荷。任何能够解析XML或JSON有效负荷的合作伙伴技术都可以将CenturyLink Cloud整合到用户体验中。



  • Data Gardens
  • Racemi
  • Rackware
  • VMware


  • Cloud Management Partners – Direct and control workloads
  • System Integrators – Bond with our service platform
  • Operational Reporting – Manage system state and reach to system events
Deliver cloud services with Runner orchestration

Runner Ansible Playbook Partners

Runner is a hybrid IT management tool for quickly and easily automating any infrastructure. Control devices in data centers or on-premises, or scale infrastructure in any cloud environment. Design and publish your technology as a CenturyLink Cloud Runner Playbook, and it can be deployed as a business-ready solution to any other customer on the CenturyLink Cloud worldwide.

A Runner Playbook can be comprised of any combination of the following elements:

  • Cloud Tasks – service provisioning of servers, storage and networking.
  • Software Installation – run any installable software binaries.
  • Configuration Scripts – any command-line script that can tune system settings.

Server provisioning, OS and software configuration, and application installation can all be scripted into Runner Playbooks. 用户可使用编排软件轻松部署解决方案,从而降低操作支持成本并加快实施时间。

Current Playbooks Include

  • Alert Logic
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Artifactory
  • AWS Minion
  • C3DNA
  • CA Technologies
  • CloudBerry Labs
  • Cloud Bolt Software
  • Consul Cluster
  • Core OS etcd
  • Couch Base
  • Docker
  • Double-Take
  • Drupal
  • Dynatrace
  • Elasticsearch
  • ELK - Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana
  • EMC ScaleIO
  • Expanse
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Jenkins
  • Joomla!
  • Kibana
  • Kubernetes
  • LAMP
  • Linux Service Control
  • lisk
  • logstash
  • MAX Backup & Recovery
  • MediaWiki
  • MySQL
  • NEM
  • OpenVPN
  • OwnCloud
  • RedHad Enterprise Linux
  • Redmine
  • 关系数据库
  • SkyDNS
  • SoftNAS
  • Ubuntu
  • Vault
  • WordPress
  • Zcash


  • Independent Software Vendors desiring push-button deployment capabilities into the CenturyLink Cloud environment
  • Virtual Appliance vendors with composable technology that can be deployed against standard CenturyLink Cloud templates
  • Systems Integrators focused on automating common orchestration tasks in the cloud as pre-packaged reference architectures
CenturyLink Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Ecosystem Partners

现代应用程序开发模式日益朝着粒度和松散耦合的方向发展。 Offering your web service as an integrated element of the CenturyLink Cloud user experience gives you access to not only our community of cloud-native application developers, but also the enterprise IT infrastructure professionals who regularly use our platform.

The CenturyLink Cloud Ecosystem Partner Program has been designed to maximize compatibility with other Platform-as-a-Service models found in the market today. If your web service can be built as an add-on to popular PaaS environments such as Heroku, then it will be compatible with the CenturyLink Cloud Ecosystem.

Current Ecosystem Partners Include

  • Alert Logic
  • Bitnami
  • CA Technologies
  • MemCachier
  • Redis Labs
  • Server General
  • VMware
  • Vormetric


  • 数据库和缓存服务支持云原生性开发
  • 监测订阅和网络用户体验工具
  • 按照软件即服务(SaaS)模式交付商业服务